10 Free Apple iPad iPhone Applications for Dentists and Dental patients.

So my dear friends ! Apple iPad is here and being a dentist we all are thinking how to use it to improve our practice.iPad can be used in all aspect of dentistry it can simplify filling of patients forms and record keeping,It enables you to educate your patients through various pictures and video applications and it can also help technicians refer to digital images and create perfect prosthesis.if you 
Here are Top iPad application hand picked by me, Hope you find it useful. Note-Most of the applications can also be used on iPhone

1.Dental Expert- By Cosmetic Innovations,Inc

Dental Expert app

This application is an excellent patient guide it nicely explains all the aspects and procedures of dentistry,and it have proof read by Dr.MarcLazore of NYC Dentist.Its the best thing.Its Free! Check here for details & download

2.Dentistry ProConsult- By Georgia Health science University

Proconsult appThis is a must have application for every dental students.It includes procedures for all kind of dental treatment in quick and easy way.Its one of the authentic manuals you can use.And guess what?? Its Free! Check here for details and download

3.Dental Manager- By Team Mozzi 

\al\Dental ManagerThis application is for Dentists It can be used for treatment plan construction,for calculating dental costs,For patient consultation and sending results,customer management through photos, emails,SMS etc. to create patient database on your mobile.And the best thing is that its Free!.Check here for details & download 

4.Dental Aid Lite -By Digibunny Tech

Dental aid
This application tells about main procedures of common dental treatments,This application provides plenty of figures.The content is divided in categories.Overall best for patients.It will cost you Free! Check here for details & download

5.Dental Plan- By Brayant Clark

Dental planThis is very useful as For patients They can learn and apply for various dental plans by this application, It also support medical plan,Its Free! of cost.Check here for details & download

6.Dental tree- By Twigger LLC

dental tree
Its an interactive communication device which covers whole range of dental treatment options.It is very nice educational tool.Its Free! of cost.Check here for details and download

7.Dentalappointments.com- By Dentisoft Technologies

dental appointments
This application makes managing your practice easy.You can research dental tearms,establish online relation with current dentist.set appointments,billing records and much more,and all this is Free! Check here for details & download.

8.Dental Removable Partial Denture Design- By Renata Janson

This application can be used to design RPD on the pictures of the patient cast.I personally don't know the effectiveness,you can download and try, trial is free.You have to buy if you want full features but for now it's Free! Check here for details and download

9.Pediatric Dental Expert- By Cosmetic Innovations,Inc

Pediatric dental expertThis application is a parents guide to understand all aspects of your childes dental care & it have been proof read by Dr Marc Lazare of NYC Dentist.its Free! to download so go for it if your care for our child.Check here for details & download

10.DentalXChange Activity Snapshot- By DetnalXChange

DentalXchangeIf you use DentalXChange for maintaining your bills this application will be very handy for you.It maintains your -Claim connect,Bill connect,Payconnect And its Free! Check here for details & download.

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