Instructions After Getting A Tooth Pulled - Care & Precautions

If you have undergone any kind of tooth extraction or other kind of dental surgery then it becomes essential for you to know about the precautions after tooth extraction.
Most of the dental clinics will give you a verbal as well as printed instructions to follow after tooth extraction, If you don’t have such kind of information then you can read it from this article.
It is best for you to consult your dentist or physician if you have any concern related to your oral problem. I’m giving this information to increase your knowledge.
Here I am presuming that you or your family member has been undergone tooth extraction and sitting in front of the computer for information about post operative care. I appreciate your care and for you I have compiled 10 Do’s and Don’ts after the tooth removed or dental surgery.
Dental Surgeon

10 Do’s And Don’ts After Tooth Extraction

  • Your surgeon will keep a pressure pack made up of gauze piece on the extraction socket, you should bite on this pack for 45 minutes at least. This will control the bleeding and help in clot formation over the socket. Remove the pressure pack with help of clean fingers, don’t spit the pack out it may dislodge the clot and bleeding may start.
  • Apply an ice pack or a cold towel on your cheek on the side of surgery do this for 15 minutes with little breaks in between, Repeat it frequently on the day of surgery.
  • No matter what anesthesia your surgeon used and no matter how smooth his surgery was, It is common for people to feel different grades of pain after surgery. Your surgeon will give you medication to control pain, take those medicines in time, It is better to take analgesics just before you feel the anesthesia is going off.
  • Little blood will ooze out of the socket and you may see blood stains on the pillow next morning. If bleeding does not stop even after 12 hours you should call your dentist.
  • From next day of extraction you should gargle with salt water at least 3 times a day it will remove any food particles from the socket and fastens healing process.
  • Don’t eat hot and hard food on the day of extraction. Hot food have tendency to dilate blood vessels around the extraction area this may increase the chances of post operative bleeding from socket. Hard food may cause mechanical trauma of the extraction area.
  • Don’t gargle on the day of  extraction it may remove the blood clot from extraction site which may result in bleeding or dry socket.
  • Don’t spit on the day of extraction it may increase the chances of bleeding.
  • You may feel bony surface at the extraction site don’t disturb it with tongue or finger it may lead to infection.
  • Don’t brush your teeth for 8 hrs after surgery, you can brush other area on the next day but don’t brush on the extraction socket.

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