Bad Breath Reasons and Causes You Never Knew !

Are you searching for the reasons of chronic bad breath in your food or you smoking
If you have not read any research papers or if you are not a professional then it's normal to blame something which is not truly responsible for your persistent bad breath. 

What I have seen is that most of the people search for causes of bad breath in there eating habits, which is responsible for transient bad breath which easily goes once you brush your teeth.

It have been seen that people don't seek professional help for bad breath and they don't realizes that pathologic etiology may be the cause of there persistent bad breath. 

Reasons for your persistent Bad Breath 

There are certain chemicals collectively called as Volatile sulfur compounds- Hydrogen sulfide, Methylmercaptan, Dimethyl sulfide these are the chemical reasons for bad breath.

Other chemicals like Putrescine, Cadaverine, indol, skatole, butyric or propionic acid are also responsible for halitosis or bad breath.

These chemicals are generated by bacteria through the process of putrefaction of peptides which are present in the saliva, shed epithelium, gingival crevicular fluid, interdental plaque, food debris, post nasal drip and blood. Gram negative anaerobic bacteria have ability to do this kind of activity.

Causes of Bad Breath

Intraoral Causes (which are present in the mouth)

Dentition- Irregularly placed teeth increases the chance of debris accumulation, Deep cavities causes food lodgment and its decaying causes bad smell, Interdental spacing causes food accumulation and difficulty in cleaning.

Periodontal infection- Patients suffering from periodontitis (inflammation and deep infection of gums )or gingivitis (inflammation or superficial infection of gums) show increased level of oral malodor,

Dry mouth- It is also called as Xerostomia,Increased microbial activity and release of volatile sulfur compound becomes the reasons for bad breath.

tongue coatingTongue and Tongue Coating- Tongue have large number of papillae which have central crater and lifted
border this makes tongue a rough surface tongue have tendency to accumulate debris and coating, those who forget to clean there tongue or those who don’t clean there tongue will suffer from bad breath. There are some conditions like fissurated tongue, scrotal tongue and hairy tongue increases the debris retention and problem.

Extraoral Causes (these originates at places other than mouth).

Ear, Nose, Throat- Acute Pharyngitis, purulent sinusitis, post nasal drip, regurgitation esophagitis, Ozena, Chronic tonsillitis.

Bronchi and Lung- Some conditions like chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, bronchial carcinoma causes halitosis.

Liver- Patients suffering from liver insufficiency (like cirrhosis, will result in increased ammonium content in their blood which is exhaled in breathed air resulting in one of the causes of halitosis.

Kidney- Conditions like Chronic glomerulonephritis which result in kidney insufficiency will lead to increased uric acid level which will be exhaled in breathed air and cause bad breath.

Types of Halitosis/ Bad Breath

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To get rid of bad breath person or dentist must first distinguish between the Genuine halitosis and Pseudo

Genuine halitosis is when bad breath is real and it can be conformed by Organoleptic or Physic- Chemical means.

Pseudo halitosis is a condition in which patient thinks he has halitosis.

When patient continue to feel that they have halitosis even after successful treatment the are called suffering from Halitophobia.

Genuine Halitosis is subdivided in Physiologic halitosis and Pathologic halitosis.

Physiologic halitosis is transient and usually doesn't require any kind of treatment, most of the time it originate from tongue surface, it is also called as morning breath.

Pathologic halitosis is persistent, doesn't resolve by regular oral hygiene and prevents patient from caring normal lifestyle.

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