What is Cementoma : Periapical cemental dysplasia signs and symptom, clinical features, radiological feature & histopathlogy

Cementoma is a relatively uncommon odontogenic neoplasm, occurring in relation to the periapical bone and cementum at the root apex.

Clinical features

Age- Usually third and forth decade of life
Sex- females are affected far more commonly
Site- Mostly in relation to mandibular anterior teeth, maxillary teeth are also affected in some cases.

Radiograph of  Cementoma
Clinical presentation

The lesions are mostly asymptomatic and are detected only during routine dental xarays. These are small and multiple in number and associated teeth are always vital.

Cementoma Radiology

The radiographic  appearance of cementoma varies in different stages of the disease.
In initial osteolytic stage the lesion presents a small well defined radiolucent area near the apex of the involved tooth. The radiolucency s always found to be in continuation with periodontal ligament space.
In the second or cementoblastic stage the lesion appears as a small radiopaque foci.
In the third or the mature stage cementoma is seen as well defined radio opaque mass surrounded by thin radiolucent area.

Cementoma Treatment

No treatment is required or cementoma periodic observation and time to time vitality test of the involved teeth are to be done.
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