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Decay At Gum Line - Cuses And How To Get It Treated


What is decay at gum line?

Decay at the gum line is some sort of cavity formation or decay of the smooth surface of the tooth just adjacent to the junction where gums touch the tooth.

Theses type of caries may occur on the superficial surface of enamle only or it may go deep into dentin and root surface.

When it goes deep into dentin then tooth sensitivity starts, Patient feels sharp pain while eating cold food.

Most of the time decay at the gum line is cause in anterior region which is region of  esthetics. which leads patients to seek dental treatment.

Dental terminology used for decay at gum line is- Cervical Caries or ClassV caries.

Cervical Caries

What Causes Decay at the gum line?

Causes are multifactorial and differ from person to person. Basic cause which can be blamed for caries of this kind is increase sugar consumption with poor oral hygiene practice.

Other health factors or medical conditions which results in xerostomia are the major contributing factors in this type of caries.

Children may have caries at the gum line which is result of wrong method of bottle feeding. This is called as Nursing bottle caries.

Carbonated drinks and energy drinks which contains large quantity of sugar and carbonated water have been found to be a one of the biggest predisposing factors in this kind of dental problem.

How To Get It Treated

Treatment depend upon extent of the decay.

If it is asymptomatic and present just on the superficial surfaDr.Brownce then it can be treated by restoration.  There are few good tooth colored restorations like Glass Ionomer Cement, Composite restorations and Resin modified light cured Glass Ionomer Cements use any one of these to get your teeth filled.

If damage is extensive then dentist may use full coverage crown or compomer for restorating the tooth surface.

If tooth have become symptomatic and infected then Root canal treatment followed by Crown will be suggested for you.

Cosmetic Restoration with Composite Bonding

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