Monday, June 3, 2013

Gum Infection Symptoms that indicates- You need a Treatment

 Gum infection is one of the commonest problem in humans and in 90% of the cases it occurs due to bad oral hygiene, but there are many factors like medical conditions, food habit, medicine we use; which are also responsible for it.

In medical terminology Gum infection is called as Gingivitis or Periodontitis depending upon the severity of condition.

So today we will learn to recognize gum infection symptoms because 40% of people can’t recognize they have gum infections until it gets very bad.

You may like to have a mirror with you while reading this, to check the symptoms one by one.

11 Gum Infection Symptoms you must know about

1.Bleeding gums- This is the first symptom of gum infection, people first see this kind of symptom while

brushing their teeth, person suffering from gum infection will see blood in tooth paste foam when they spit in sink or while eating hard food. Bleeding occurs from the junction of the gum and tooth, even a slight irritation of gums will induce bleeding.

2.Redness of gums- Normal color of gum is pink but in gum infection cases redness of gums can be seen, at first the redness is around the margins of the gum but it may become diffused later on, in acute conditions you will see marked redness combined with gum bleeding. This redness may be seen around single tooth or it can be seen generalized in all the gums. This redness is sign of inflammation and goes after treatment.

3.Bluish or purple gums- In some cases when the infection becomes chronic; the color of gum changes from red to bluish purple this is sign of venous engorgement of the blood vessels in gums whenever you seen such kind of coloration of gums it’s time to go to your doctor.

4.Bad breath- This is second most common sign of gum infection after bleeding gums, those people who

have bad breath are prone to have gum infection, bad breath signifies high level of bacterial grown in your mouth and hence a compromised oral health. Best way to test bad breath- lick your wrist and wait for some time then smell that area f your experience fowl smell then you are suffering from halitosis.

5.Swollen and spongy gums- This is the point when patients really start to notice the problem. Gums become swollen and puffy, its surface loses stippling and becomes smooth, when swelling enlarges then ulceration may develop over them, ulceration are due to mechanical trauma while eating. Swelling may be over one tooth or it may be generalized.

6.Recession of gums- This symptom indicates that gum infection is in the advanced state of its development, in this symptom the gums leave it natural position and move down toward bone this may expose the roots and may form gaps between the teeth. This occurs due to loss of underlying supporting bone. Some time it may be associated with single tooth and some time it is generalized.

7.Bad taste in mouth- advanced gum infection causes pocket formation at the junction of the tooth and gum, these deep pockets harbor bacteria and debris these pockets may result in exudates formation and these exudates result in bad taste.

8.Sensitivity- This gum infection symptom indicates serious problem. Gum recession will results in exposure of root surface which intern results in sensitivity, tooth will look longer then it usually are and patient may feel sharp pain like feeling while having cold stuffs.

9.Tenderness & pain- In advanced stage of gum infection pain can be experienced by the patient this pain can be from gums and some time the tooth associated with the infected gums will become symptomatic and it will become painful.

10.Ulcerated gums- If ulcers can be seen on the gums that means acute form of gum infection. If gum ulceration is generalized then it indicates some serious oral disease, get it checked.

11.Hyper salivation or pasty saliva- As your gum infection get established for long time it may result in increased salivary flow this is a usual sign of infection in mouth, in chronic cases saliva becomes pasty.

Conclusion: A Research by National Institute of Dental Research, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland says that there is lack of awareness of Gum infection symptoms in patients and there is lack of interest in assessment of the problem by the general dentist. This problem can only be prevented and cured with the help of individual and professional effort.


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