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How Does A Dentist Remove A Broken Tooth


How Does A Dentist Remove A Broken Tooth

It have been years I remember how I remove broken tooth for first time as a dental student (not some thing to brag about) and I see tooth removal as a permanent loss of human body, which have serious effects on oral health in long term.

I hereby ask every one to care for yourself and your family members oral health very seriously.

Tooth removal should be the last option for you. First don't let the tooth decay, second get it filled if cavity starts,third get it root canal treated if it goes deep and affects the nerve of tooth. Don't keep a broken tooth in your mouth it may infect.

If due to any reason your dental surgeon tells you that this tooth can't be saved then go with his suggestion.

How Does A Dentist Remove A Broken Tooth Step By Step

1. Your name will be registered at the reception and your health history data will be taken out. If you are new to the clinic then a health history form may be given to fill.

2. A dentist will attend you and listen to your chief complain. He may ask some additional questions to further diagnose your problem, he will clinically examine your oral cavity for the problems.

3. Most of the time a dental xray is suggested for conforming the diagnosis and details about the affected tooth.

4. After seeing the X-ray your surgeon will suggest you the treatment. If your suggested treatment is extraction of tooth then surgeon will wait for you to take decision.

5. If you agree for the extraction then he may ask for a written consent for the extraction. which says

"surgeon have explained everything about the treatment and you agree for it"

6. If your health history permits extraction then your blood pressure will be checked and a Xylocain sensitivity test may be performed on your forearm.

7. After conforming that your health permits the extraction, your surgeon will get ready and assistant will prepare your for extraction.

8. Most of the surgeons will keep a verbal contact with you to make you calm and relaxed.

9. A xylocain containing local anesthetic will be injected in the area of tooth extraction to make it numb, pricks can be multiple because tooth is a complex structure and it have multiple nerve supplies. Solution will be deposited slowly because it eliminates the chances of increased systemic toxicity.( It is no way similar to a usual shot what you get at your physician).

10. Dental surgeon will wait for  few minutes and then look for subjective and objective symptoms of anesthesia. You will be awake but you may feel tingling, numb or swelling like feeling on the are of anesthesia.

11. After conforming the effectiveness of anesthesia your dental surgeon will start the tooth extraction procedure.

12. He/she will first reflect the gums which is attached to the tooth with the help of instrument called as moons probe. You may feel like something is going on there, but pain will be absent. You will feel the pressure and pull, don't panic!

After reflecting the gums he may need to remove some bone around the broken tooth. dentist do this to make some space to hold or elevate your broken tooth.

Then your dentist may luxate the tooth with help of a instrument which is called as dental elevator.To luxate your tooth means -make your tooth lose from the socket. (there are different kind of Elevators for different tooth and situations- you can't imagine tooth extraction have evolved so much)

13. After making it lose your dental surgeon will hold your tooth with extraction forceps, and then he will give some side to side moments to completely remove it from socket. You may feel some pressure at this time.

14. After removal of broken tooth dental surgeon will inspect the socket and control the bleeding.

15. At last he will place a pressure pack ( made up of gauze piece and cotton) over the extraction socket. Surgeon will ask you bite firmly over it and not to talk or displace it.

16. At the end surgeon will prescribe you antibiotics and analgesics and give you post operative instructions for care after tooth removal.

Cost of tooth extraction depends upon

1. Complexity and difficulty required in extraction of the tooth.

2. Designation and specialization of the Dentist.

3. The Facilities of the clinic.

4. Country and area.

Approximate cost of tooth extraction

In USA a routine tooth extraction may cost you any where from $75 - $150, surgical tooth extraction will cost $100-$300, wisdom tooth extraction will cost $300-$650.(these charges may differ in different regions)


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