Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Are Dentures Made Of


You want to know what dentures are made up of this means- You may be wearing a denture or you just have some curiosity to know. What ever may be the cause I'll tell you the answer in very detailed manner.

Dentures ( I'm here talking about the Removable Dentures what old people wear not fixed one) can be defined as removable dental prosthesis with artificial teeth attached to the denture base that replaces the masticatory surface and associated structure of a mxillary or mandibular dental arch.

Earlier when advanced materials were not discovered dentures were made of  vulcanite, vinyl plastics, Type IV Gold. Chrom Cobalt alloy and Porcelain. But now advance materials are discovered which are more life like and more biocompatible. 

If I tell you in one line- Dentures are made of Arcylic Resins 

Denture base resins come in two forms which are mixed at the time of denture fabrication of denture- Powder form and Liquid form

Powder form contents-

  • Main component - Polymethylmethacrylate.
  • Initiator- Benzoyl peroxide or disobutylazonitrate.
  • Pigments- Mercuric sulfide, cadmium sulfide.
  • Opacifiers- Zinch or Titanium oxide.
  • Dyed organic fiber- Nylon or acrylic fibers to produce effect of minute blood capillaries.
  • Plasticizer- Dibutyl pthalate.
  • Inorganic particles- Glass fibers or zirconium silicate.

Liquid Form Contents-

  • Main component- Methylmethacrylate
  • Inhibitor- Hydroquinone
  • Accelerator- N,`N-dimethylparatoulidine
  • Cross linking agent- Glycol diethacrylate 

Denture teeth are also made up of acrylic resin but they are company made and prefabricated. Lab technician just applies the dentist recommended teeth according to the case.


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