Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Does Mouth Cancer Look Like (Early Mid Late Stage Signs)


Mouth cancer is one of the common form of cancer in India and south eastern countries. This cancer is greatly connected with tobacco use and alcohol use. Men are 2 fold more affected then females.

Usual age is 50 yrs around when the chances of oral cancer is greatly increases. But cases of very young age have been seen.

Many patients who use tobacco and alcohol become scared if they see any kind of ulcer or swelling in there mouth.To answer their question I am giving some points here about how does mouth cancer look like when it starts.

What Does Mouth Cancer Look Like

Where will you find it- Usually involves Tongue, Cheek, Fold between cheek and gums, Lips ( lower lip mostly), Palate.

There are different kinds of cancer in mouth all of them show different features.

  • It may start as small swelling or pebbly surface which if firm and painless.
  • This kind of lesion go unnoticed and it continues to swell.

Early Sign

  • Later it converts into non healing ulcer, due to over growth and mechanical trauma.
  • This ulcer will not heal for very long time; no matter what medications you use.
  • Ulcer is easy to bleed.

Mid Stage

  • When you closely observe you can see that borders are indurated ie. 
  • little bit raised from surrounding.
  • Floor of the ulcer is covered by red and white material.
  • Later it may show fungating growth.
  • Usually Fixed to underlying tissue

Late Stage

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