Monday, June 3, 2013

Marsupialisation ( With Pictures) AKA Partsch Operation


Definition & Meaning of Marsupialisation or Partsch operation:

A conservative surgical procedure for management of cysts in oral cavity and other parts of the body. In this procedure a slit is incised on the roof of the cyst the lining is then suture with the remaining border, cyst is drained and healing occurs.

A cyst is a sac like pathology which can develop in any part of the human body. When a cyst grows to such a big extent that complete removal of the cyst will result in permanent structural and functional loss then marsupialisation is advised.

What is Marsupialisation in layman terms- The roof of the cyst is removed and the cavity is evacuated the cyst lining may be left intact at that movement but cystic contents are removed and the cyst is left open. Edges or the border of the cyst are stitched with the normal outer epithelium.

This technique relives the intra cystic pressure and reduces size of the cyst and promotes healing. This procedure also reduces the chances of the reccurrency.

After some time when there is enough healing and cyst have been reduced in size then cystic lining can be removed or any kind of cyst removal surgery can be performed, following which the cyst is closed.    

Partsch was the person who invented this technique hence the name Partsch operation is applied.

Indications for Marsupialisation-

  • When cyst cavity is so big that complete removal of cyst will result in excessive structure loss.
  • When cyst is in proximity with vital structure which will get harm if complete cyst is removed.
  • When cyst have tendency of high recurrence.
  • Those cyst which have character of high volume intra cystic liquid production.
  • Compromised cases which does not advocate for complete removal of the cyst.
  • Usually used in bartholin cyst. and large dentigerous cyst.


  • Conservative operation so it will conserve soft tissue and bone structure.
  • Success rate is high.

  • chances to damage to adjacent vital structures is reduced.


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