Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Is The Purpose Of A Crown After A Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment is an amazing procedure to save those tooth which are hopeless.

No matter what people say but I have saved some really bad tooth with help of root canal treatment. In many cases crown becomes necessary after root canal treatment.

Some of my patients ask me the purpose of a crown after a root canal treatment and I'm explaining you the same thing in detail.

To understand the purpose of crown we have to understand which type of tooth are subjected to root canal treatment and what happens to tooth after root canal.

  • Usually those tooth which are infected and structurally compromised by decay are subjected to root  canal treatment.

  • Those tooth which are affected by excessive attrition or abrasion and patient is suffering from pain or severe sensitivity.

  • Those tooth which have been fractured due to trauma and the pulp is exposed.

  • Those tooth which have history of trauma in the past and now they have become dead, discolored and infected.

  • And many more conditons

Now what happens to tooth after RCT?

  • In the process of root canal treatment the dead or living both kind of pulp is removed from the canal present in the root of the tooth.

What Is The Purpose Of A Crown After A Root Canal Treatment

  • This pulp is formed from the blood vessels nerve supply and connective tissue. In layman terms pulp is the life of the tooth.

  • When pulp is removed tooth become infection less, pain less and life less. 

  • Due to removal of pulp all kind of supply is cut off. 

  • Now tooth is painless but it is dead.Now a root canal treated tooth becomes brittle as the time goes on and a brittle tooth is pron to fracture or breakage due to heavy chewing load. 

  • These kind of root canal treated tooth are most of the time decayed and major amount of supporting structure is lost, which is replaced with large filling.

Two main reasons to put crown after root canal treatment

  • To prevent the root canal treated tooth from getting fractured or chip off under high masticatory/chewing force we need to put a crown after root canal treatment. 

  • For Restoration of esthetic and functional balance of occlusion. 


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