Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why Are My Teeth Getting Sharper

Let me first clear the situation- "Teeth getting sharp" means patient is experiencing sharp borders and edges of incisor or molar teeth and he may be suffering from repeated cheek bite and tongue bite.

Some time teeth get so sharp that patient can feel its sharpness with his tongue. At this time patient come with the thought- Why are my teeth getting sharper?

Biggest cause of teeth getting sharp is "Attrition"

AttritionIn layman terms attrition is nothing but wearing off of the tooth material.

Attrition is a physiologic process and it can be seen in every ones teeth. Some patients show high grade of attrition in which their tooth surface gets worn off more then normal.

Usually it is seen combined with bruxism and betel but chewing habit.

Due to continuous grinding of teeth normal anatomy of tooth is lost and jagged or sharp borders are formed.

Other Causes of sharp tooth

Tooth Abrasion- It is a pathological process in which teeth wearing occurs due to external agents

like heavy and prolonged tooth brushing; which may cut the tooth at special angle and make it sharp in time.

Habitual biting of pin. pen, pencil or other metal objects with teeth.

Decay of tooth which ultimately results jagged borders and broken tooth with sharp borders.

Fracture of the borders of the teeth due to accidental biting on hard stuff will result in sharp borders.


Repeated trauma to adjacent soft tissue due to this sharp tooth may result in serious problems.

It is advisable that you should consult your dentist as soon as possible and get it corrected. 


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