Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How Mouth Cancer Start? The Beginning Of Mouth Cancer


To know how mouth cancer start you have to understand the pathophysiology of the carcinoma.

95% of the cancer of mouth are squamous cell type and they all start in the epidermal layer of the oral cavity, We can say- it starts in the superficial layer of the skin or mucosa.

In presence of one or many cancer causing factors, cancer cells start to divide and multiply in uncontrolled manner. these cancer cells have lost there function and they are uncontrolled in there growth.

Oral cancer may me preceded by 

1. Precancerous lesions (morphologically changed lesion) Ex- Leukoplakia

2. Precancerous conditions (general state with increased chances of cancer) Ex- Oral submucous fibrosis

You must understand that every cell needs nutrient and blood supply to survive but due to fast growth the inner side of the

tumor cells get devoid of the blood supply and get necrotic resulting in ulcer formation.This is the stage when person suffering from it will start to notice it.

When cancer is established then first there is pre invasive stage then there is invasive stage in which cancer cells invade the underlying connective tissue and bone.

Oral cancer is preceded by precancerous conditions and lesions which may indicate you about the starting of cancer.

Growth of mouth cancer in chronological manner

Mouth cancer will start in a form of small mass which eventually ulcerates and then proliferate. some time patient come with a diagnosis of just a case of long standing mouth ulcer.These ulcer may be fond on tongue, cheek mucosa, in fold between cheek and gums, lower lip etc.Ulcer may get unnoticed because it is painless in starting.

  • First there will be a small bump or pebbly surface in the oral cavity.
  • This kind of lesion can be seen on the spots where tobacco or betel nut quid was used to place for long time.
  • This pebbly surface may ulcerate due to mechanical trauma.
  • Ulcer will be non healing and long standing.
  • Borders of ulcer may feel raised.
  • Bed of ulcer may feel firm and sometime fixed to underlying structures.
  • Floor of ulcer will become covered with white slough like material.
  • Ulcer is easy to bleed.
  • Ulcer may be painless.
  • Ulcer keep on invading adjacent tissue.

You can see stage wise pictures of mouth ulcer here What does mouth cancer look like


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