Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How Do Dentist Fix Cavities: A Complete Patient Guide


What is a tooth cavity?

Tooth cavity is a form of infectious disease in which oral bacteria causes the decomposition of left over food debris and this decomposition raises the local ph hence the tooth loses it calcium and minerals from its surface. This eventually results in cavity formation at that point. which increases the food logdment and this vicious cycle goes on until full destruction and infection.

How do dentist fix cavities ?

Step 1 You will be ask about your main complain  which is usually food lodgment without pain.

Step 2 Dentist will take an xary of that particular tooth. Because a small looking cavity may be deep and penetrating inside the tooth. Distance of cavity and decay from he nerve of th tooth is accessed because this will determine what kind of tooth filling can be used to fix the cavity

Step 3 Dentist will discuss about the procedure and kind of tooth filing which can be used in your tooth.

Step 4 If tooth cavity is of moderate depth no anesthesia is required.

Step 5 Dentist will use his drill to remove the decayed portion from the cavity. It literally mans drilling and grinding your tooth to remove the decayed and diseased portion of the tooth.

Step 6 After completely removing the decayed portion of the teeth dentist will isolate the area with cotton rolls to keep it dry during filling.

Step 7 A pulp protecting base filling can be done if your decay was close enough to the pulp (nerve of tooth)

Step 8 Cavity will be filled and condensed with  good quality silver filling or white colored glass ionomer filling or a cosmetic composite filling. What ever you and your dentist choses.

Step 9 Your dentist will keep an occlusal registration paper over your restored tooth and he will ask you to bite on it. This will give him idea about high points. He may ask you that – are you feeling high points on biting in that tooth? Then he will adjust and correct the occlusion of that tooth.

Step 10 Dental assistant will give you Instructions after tooth filling – Not to bite on that tooth for 12 hours after that you can start eating from that side.

Note : If your cavity was deep enough to infect or affect the pulp of the tooth then your dentist may suggest you root canal treatment and capping with that tooth.


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