Monday, February 3, 2014

What is Aerodontalgia , Barodontalgia or Tooth Squeez


Some people may feel pain in there tooth during high altitude flight or deep sea diving (scuba diving) These condition is called as  Aerodontalgia, Barodontaligia or tooth squeez. it  is an unusual type of dental pain which occurs as an effect of change in the altitude.

Barodontaligia: Baro- pressure, Donto- Teeth, Algia- Pain

Most of the time it is seen in military pilots because of rapid changes.In pilots, barodontalgia may be severe enough to cause premature cessation of flights.

Barodontalgia is a symptom of dental disease, for example inflammatory cyst in the mandible.Indeed, most of the common oral pathologies have been reported as possible sources of barodontalgia: dental caries, defective tooth restoration, pulpitis, pulp necrosis, apical periodontitis, periodontal pockets, impacted teeth, and mucous retention cysts. One exception is barodontalgia manifested as referred pain from barosinusitis or barotitis-media. The latter two conditions are generated from pressure changes rather than pressure-related flare-up of pre-existing conditions

Clinical features of Aerodontalgia, Barodontalgia or Tooth Squeez

Barodontalgia Mechanism Via Wikipedia

  • Aerodontalgia affects some person who experience pain in the tooth during high altitude flight or during deep sea diving. 
  • At ground level the tooth is completely asymptomatic.
  • In some cases the pain may not start readily during flight or during diving, instead it may occur few hours or days later.
  • The condition may be related to subclinical pulpitis.
  • Sometimes similar problem may happen in an endodontically treated tooth with improperobturation of the canal. The entrapped air in an improperly obturated canal may expand during flight or driving due to alteration in atmospheric pressure. This applies pressure in periapical nerve bundle and produce pain.


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