Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What is a Dental Milling Machine


Dental Milling Machines are machines used to produce dental prosthesis like crowns and bridges and implant prosthesis by the process of computer added designing and computer added manufacturing process CAD CAM. As the name suggests dental prosthesis are made by milling a block of ceramic or zerconia or metal aloy into desired design.

Use of Dental milling machine have been introduced in 1980 but real use has started from 1990, in early days they have been cumbersome to use and too big to handle, this restricted its use to dental labs.

Dental Milling Machine

Components of Machine- Machine basically includes a Scanner, Computer and Milling Machine.

Scanner which scans the area of teeth and mouth on which prosthesis is going to be build. If scanner is

present at the chair side in a dental clinic then scanning can be done directly in mouth, if scanner is not present chair side then an impression is taken and model is prepared and then scanning is done on the dental model.

Computer and software do all the calculation and designing of the dental prosthesis. It takes the data from scanner and builds a 3 D picture of it then builds a prosthesis on that #D picture this data is then given to the milling machine so that it can start milling and start manufacturing the prosthesis.

Dental Milling Machine is a fitted with small heads which includes different kind of burs or milling points.

these are diamond coated heads of different shapes and designs made for different purposes of milling.

How is it different from older conventional dental crown and bridge prosthesis.

  • Dentist will first examine your mouth and diagnose the disease and problem.  
  • He will treat the defect by removing decay and treating infections by root canal treatment. 
  • In third step dentist will prepare the area for receiving prosthesis. 
  • He may take and impression for making model or he may directly scan the portion on which prosthesis is going o be made.
  • This dental model or scanned data is send to lab where it is feed to computer and then it makes a digital 3 D model of that scanning.
  • digital prosthesis is prepared on that 3D model and then this data is given to the milling machine. 
  • Milling machine prepares the exact replica of the 3D design.
  • This prosthesis is send back to dentist for checking and applying in patients mouth. 


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