Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Are My Teeth Getting Sensitive


Teeth getting sensitive means you are feeling sharp electric like pain on taking cold, sweet or sour food, this kind of pain is short in duration and it subside immediately after removal of stimuli.

If that is what you are experiencing then you are suffering from a clinical condition called as Dentin Hypersensitivity Or Sensitive Dentin.

Teeth crown is made up of outer Enamel layer (Don't have nerves), Dentin layer (have nerve ending in it) & Core of Pulp (nerves and blood vessels). Teeth root is made up of outer Cementum and then Dentin layer.

These enamel and cementum works as insulation to underling dentin from temperature and osmotic stimuli. So now you can figure it out that when ever enamel or cementum is damaged and dentin is expose people start to feel sensitivity while eating cold or sweet food.

Causes of Teeth getting sensitive:

Picture showing Causes of Sensitive Teeth 

Gingival recession or receding gums: This is most common cause of teeth sensitivity gums cover the root which intern is covered by the cementum. when gums recession occurs then root get exposed and by the time when cementum is removed from brushing then tooth become sensitive. Heavy brushing and periodontal disease are two causes or gum recession.

Tooth wear: This is second most common cause: As you know that wear and tear is a natural process but when this process occurs at high speed and your enamel is lost at fast speed then your teeth does not get time to perform any kind of protective mechanisms. Hence tooth become bad before time and you can experience tooth sensitivity. Example of tooth wear- Attrition from teeth to teeth contact ( physiologic), Abrasion ( tooth brush trauma- Pathologic), Abfraction ( combination of both), Erosion ( chemical damage from the acid erosion of the enamel from consuming excessive cold drinks, Gastro esophagial reflux and many more)

Dental decay: Yes decay can also cause teeth sensitivity as decay causes destruction of enamel it exposes the dentin and when ever cold or sweet food comes in contact with that decayed tooth patient may feel sharp pain. which subsides on removal of the stimuli.

Treatments: Depend upon the grade and cause of sensitivity.

Removal of cause and treatment of underlying pathology followed by Desensitizing toothpaste, Desensitizing gel & Professional Dental treatment will completely cure your sensitive Teeth.

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