Monday, March 3, 2014

What is a Dental Mirror Used For


Dental Mirror is a small round mirror placed on a handle with variable degree of angles to it. These mirrors can have different convergence like concave, flat or convex but mostly concave is used.

What is a dental mirror used for? 

There are three main uses of dental mirror by dentists.

1. Indirect vision- It is obvious to understand that there are lot's of areas in mouth where direct vision is not possible, Either dentist have to bend upside down or patient have to get fully supine and extend back which is very uncomfortable situation for both of them so mouth mirror will help. A dental student will learn dentistry by learning to work in indirect vision using mouth mirror or so called dental mirror, And they really deserve some respect.

What is a Dental Mirror Used For

Indirect Vision & Illumination with mouth mirror Img Via

2. Indirect Illumination- Same reason given above it is difficult to illuminate every deep and detailed areas of the mouth with dental chair light. So the dental mirror is used for illumination of the particular areas of mouth by reflected light from dental chairs light. Use of concave dental mirror really help in this kind of illumination.

3. Retraction- Retraction in dental surgery means retracting the surrounding tissue like tongue and cheek to expose the areas for proper vision and accessibility for instrumentation. Retraction of cheek and tongue is easy with help of dental mirror,  just place the mirror side of the mouth mirror toward the tissue and pull it away from the site of operation. As the mirror is smooth that is why patient don't feel irritation. A trained dentist will quickly switch between illumination, retraction and vision while doing a dental treatment. Again Respect For These Artists.

There are many ways for gripping and holding mouth mirrors like pen grasp, three finger grasp etc. but that is out of scope of this article, Various types of  mouth mirrors are present in the market today but No4 and No5 are used mostly with concave mirror on it.

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