Monday, March 3, 2014

What is The Blue Light Dentist Use : Is It Harmful ?


What is The Blue Light Dentist Use : Is It Harmful ?

So you have been to the dentist and you saw a wand like thing in dentists hand which he puts in patients mouth then it emits bright blue light with sound of beep !

No need to wonder what is that blue light emitting thing in dentists office.

 I'll Explain what is it, how it works and is there any chance of harm from it.

Blue light that dentists use is called as curing light.

How does blue curing light works ?

Image Via : Wikimedia.orgIt is a gun like machine which have electronic parts inside it. The source of current is the regular 220 volt AC current but a chip inside the machine converts it into much lower DC current and then it supplies it to the light emitting source.( Some guns are battery operated)

The light emitting source is a Quartz Halogen Or LED ( Light emitting diode) attached to the head of the gun. LED bulb have the capacity to produce high intensity of light with very effective use of electricity with least heat production as compared to other bulbs. hence a LED is used. (Don't miss judge it with lasers or any other thing) .

To make an angulated head a fiber optic cable is fitted at the head ahead of the LED bulb, this fiber optic cable can carry light to the head even when angulated at various angles.

Why is the dental curing light blue in color ?

It is mostly blue in color because the light is of longer wavelength which helps in deeper penetration of the light for better curing of the material. The wave length of the light may range from 370 to 510 nm. This light falls in blue spectrum of the VIBGYOR.

What is the blue curing light used for ?

This light is used for setting light activated filling materials.

In Technical Terms- There are dental restorative materials which come in semi solid or powder liquid form when mixed and packed into the cavity they get activated and start setting. Some material are photosensitive- That means setting reaction is initiated after light exposure. Blue curing light is used to cure this kind of dental materials.

Is the blue light harmful ?

No it's not harmful for the tissues inside your mouth or other skin or mucosal tissue, BUT it should never be directed to the eye or in other words you should not look directly into the light, because it have so much of intensity that it may harm retina of eye.

What is a orange colored shield ?

Due to the above cause there is a light barrier or orange color which dampens the light intensity if the operator is working and want to see the field of work.  For patients a orange colored glass will be given, if not given you should better keep your eyes closed.


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