Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Are My Teeth Getting Stained ?


Question- I go to my dentist regularly and get my oral prophylaxis & cleaning done in every 6 months, My teeth become pearly white after cleaning and their are no stains but they start getting stained in no time ! I can see visible stains after 3 weeks.Why are my teeth getting stained even when I brush properly.

Although teeth staining have multiple causes but the above case is a simple case of poor oral hygiene practice. I'm not saying that the person is not will to keep his teeth clean but he is actually practicing wrong oral hygiene techniques like not knowing proper brushing technique, not flossing and brushing only once in the morning.

Cause of teeth getting stained after scaling and cleaning:

Stained between teeth Img:

After professional cleaning surface of your teeth become absolutely clean but as you start eating a soft Dental pellicle start to form on your teeth.It is a protein film that forms on the surface enamel by selective binding of glycoproteins from saliva.

When not cleaned and flossed properly oral bacteria start to make colonies on this pellicle layer and hence they for a layer called as Plaque. This plaque can take the colors of foods and beverages your consume and it looks like a staining on your tooth.when you get your teeth scaled and cleaned at the dentist he removes this plaque. When people does not get this Plaque cleaned and it keep on accumulating it becomes Calculus which is a calcified structure.

Tea Or Coffee: Tea Or coffee contains such kind of plant extracts that have very high tendency of sticking as stains on your teeth. No matter what type pf tooth paste you use, no matter what type of brushing you do, if you are consuming tea or coffee more then once a day every day in a year then your teeth will catch stain.Either get a professional cleaning or change your habit.

Smoking: Tobacco smoke contains nicotine and tar these two ingredients are the main culprit for the smoking stains. tar has a black staining and nicotine has a yellowish staining property. So a smoker will have a blackish and line at the junction of the gums and tooth and yellowish hue on the teeth. Leave the habit, Get your teeth cleaned.

Red Wine- Red wine is made up of grapes which have natural colors these natural colors will bind with the tooth surface and result in teeth staining, but this process is low and mild and occurs to them who consume red wine regularly.

Some Cold drinks and Energy drinks: Cold drinks and energy drinks have coloring agents in them. These agents can deposit on the plaque of the tooth and then get solidify.

Some berries and veggies: I really don't think that veggies should be blamed for the staining of teeth but clinically it have been seen that there are some berries and veggies which have colored juices in them which can stick to the plaque and impart

Solution to Get Rid of Repeated Teeth Staining

Avoid stain producing habits and food.

Brush twice a day with correct brushing technique.

Use floss once a day.

Use inter dental brush to clean gaps between teeth.

Get oral prophylaxis done every 6 months.

Keep oral hygiene good.


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