Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top 10 qualities to be a successful Dentist's changing world where most of the people are taking career in dentistry as a nice paying profession some light has to be focused on the qualities we must posses qualities to be a successful Dentist.

I want to call this 'unfortunate' as we don't have any training sessions to develop these qualities in our dental syllabus, these qualities must be cultivated by own.

At this high time when dental colleges have  mushroomed every where and thousands of dentists coming out every year and there is 'so called raising competition'  if you really want to make difference then having a degree is not enough.

I call it "Passion" you have to be passionate about dentistry.Ask yourself Will I do it even if I don't get paid? Do I like it so much? if answer is yes then 'You are Passionate enough' .

Top 10 qualities to be a successful Dentist

Here are some qualities you need to develop. 

1. Has a Good Manner: A great medical professional has a good manner and makes patients feel comfortable and at ease during exams and treatments.

2. Has a Sense of Empathy: A great medical professional has a strong sense of empathy and understands what it is to feel pain and suffering. They are supportive and have a genuine interest in improving a patient's well-being.

3. Has Great Communication Skills: A great medical professional has excellent communication skills. They can explain complicated medical terminology in laymen's terms to the average patient. They also have excellent listening skills and take the time to understand what a patient's needs are.

4. Has Sharp Problem Solving Skills: A great medical professional has excellent problem solving skills and can quickly determine solutions to problems. Working in health care, by definition, involves solving problems of the human body.

5. Is Always Very Thorough: A great medical professional is always very thorough in their work. They recognize that the smallest oversight can have grave consequences and therefore are sure to cover all the bases in everything they do.

6. Offers Support for Patient Decisions: A great medical professional acts as a partner with a patient in treatment decisions and understands that ultimately, all decisions lie in the hands of the patient. They offer full support of patient decisions.

7. Offers Time to Patients: A great medical professional spends adequate time with their patients and never rushes through an exam during a busy day. They give each patient enough time to make a proper diagnosis or to offer a thorough treatment.

8. Possesses Significant Knowledge: A great medical professional has extensive knowledge of the human body and its ailments. They are not afraid to admit when they do not know something and will either research it or refer a patient to someone better qualified.

9. Possesses Strong Sense of Ethics: A great medical professional has a strong sense of ethics and never compromises their integrity or values.

10. Pursues Continuing Education: A great medical professional recognizes that the medical field is full of new research and developments, and they stay on top of everything new in the field. They read research journals and take training classes to stay current.


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